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Stone’s Café Bar And Night Club

Not To Be Confused With your Average Coffeeshop

Stone’s is a well-known name in Amsterdam, as a café and night bar fit for royalty.  It is two places in one, which has seen numerous entertaining hours spent drinking and smoking the night away for many a visitor. Stone’s have a hard earned reputation for great live music, excellent snacks, and all the booze that you could need to have a good time.

Here at Lilly Likes Amsterdam, we are in the frequent habit of reviewing the top attractions of everyone’s favourite city. Sometimes, this means checking out kid’s favourites, landmarks, and the occasional museum, other times, this means reviewing the best places to eat, drink, and be merry, throughout awesome Amsterdam… in places just like Stone’s.

What does this city-wide attraction have to offer visitors to Amsterdam? We took the full 360° tour and are happy to report back in typical Lilly Likes style. No matter what you go to Amsterdam for, chalk Stone’s café/night bar into the itinerary to be sure of somewhere to quench your thirst.

Stone’s: An Overview

What can you expect to find from one of the hottest spots in the city on a fine Amsterdam evening? Stone’s is a café, bar, and nightclub combined. Nestled in between the windows of the Red Light District, you will find a gem of an operation that has been running since 1994.

Stone’s café bar and nightclub was founded by a group of five friends. Amsterdam being the international and cultural melting pot that it is: only here could you find a café/bar/night club that is owned and operated by three Englishmen and two Dutchmen. It sounds like the start of a joke (the type that usually includes a Scotsman, an Englishmen, and an Irishman, and ends with some dirty humour) – but not so. We can assure you that Stone’s café bar and nightclub is very real indeed.

We weren’t that high.

The Stone’s Ethos

Why did three Englishmen and two Dutchmen decide that it was a good idea to open a café/bar/nightclub in the middle of the Red Light District? On one hand, why not? On the other hand, the owners and founders of Stone’s all had similar ideas about what makes for good entertainment.

They wanted to create a space that celebrated the international appeal of great music and better beer. There is a huge cultural scene in Amsterdam with a lot of focus on music and the arts. Stone’s café bar and nightclub is the kind of place that seeks to highlight this amazing feature of awesome Amsterdam and showcase it to the rest of the world.

Best of all, is that Stone’s manages to do all this with and a warm, welcoming environment. The bar is cosy and feels like home. The staff are friendly and feel like maybe they could be your sibling’s buddies… And the smells of the kitchen waft out exactly just like mum used to make. It’s clean, bright, and so multicultural that it makes us long for the plains of countries we’ve never seen before. It’s got great music, an international feel, and somehow manages to represent Amsterdam in a way that no other bar does.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s talk details. What’s in it, where is it, and what can we buy there?

The Bar At Stone’s Café (With A Nightclub)

 We promise that they aren’t going through an identity crisis. Stone’s Café/Bar/Nightclub really do have all three parts. There’s a coffeeshop out there too.

The trick is to run it like a café through the day – although you have the added advantage of beer with your cucumber sandwiches – and then turn it into a bar in the evening. When it hits midnight, the glass slippers go out the window and it’s dance-party-heaven. See? Three things in one. Bargain.

Daytime Stone’s

During the day, you will find Stone’s is open when the sun comes up… Actually, it’s 9 AM, so it’s more like when the students get up. Nevertheless, you will find an awesome breakfast waiting for you, when you finally do roll out of bed. If you happen to have been in nightclub Stone’s till 4 AM the night before, you could be forgiven for rolling out of bed at noon, never mind 9.

The Menu

One of the best things about Stone’s is that you can come here in the morning, eat a hearty breakfast, stay past lunch, have an evening meal, and then get your dance on. Some menu items are available at any time of the day, but keep in mind that the kitchen will shut eventually.

Breakfast at Stone’s gets you the choice of a lovingly prepared omelette with ham and cheese, or a toasty with the same toppings. Onions, tomatoes, pineapple, and bacon are all available as additional toppings. Or you could just go all out and have the full English.

Lunchtime could see a sandwich of varying fine ingredients, prepared fresh in their kitchen… or it might just be a plate of nachos while you watch the game. Tuck into some wings, or indulge in an internationally renowned Amsterdam treat by chowing down on some Bitterballen.

Have a salad for dinner, throwing in some grilled chicken and a basket of fries for good measure. Enjoy a brownie or a chocolate muffin – both without marijuana – while you smoke a joint. Choose pancakes, plain, savoury, or with ice cream and chocolate sauce. Choose a club sandwich, a BLT, or a deluxe burger. Choose your chicken crispy, your snacks delicious, and your seasoning well peppered. But whatever you do? Choose Stone’s.

We know. We’re smooth that way.


Evenings at Stone’s

Evenings at Stone’s are spent enjoying a little live music, some sultry ale, and as many doobs as you like. They don’t sell weed on site, but they do allow you to smoke on their premises if you have the notion. They remain one of the only places in Amsterdam that will let you smoke cannabis you bought elsewhere in their smoking areas without any fuss.

Don’t forget to follow them on Insta and FB after your visit, just in case your own face pops up in their pics…

Night-Time Stone’s

Once the sun has well and truly dipped below the horizon, Stone’s close their kitchen and bring out the turntables. Heading downstairs, you will find lights emerge from places you never noticed before and the party can truly start.

The party at Stone’s goes hard and lasts till four in the morning (five at weekends). If you are not still drinking by then, you fail at Amsterdam. You do not pass Go. Come back next year to try again.

Photographic Evidence

Stone’s have an epic number of pictures of past parties. If you have been there and your fit was fantastic, you might well find your picture on their site. They have a plethora of Instagram models all spotted wining, dining, and dancing, in their Amsterdam-coffeeshop-coloured-nightclub. If you aim high and follow your dreams, you could be one of them.

In the meantime, you can view their most recent feed of pictures by following this link. Did we mention they are open 7 days/nights a week? You can always be sure to find a party at Stone’s café bar & nightclub!

Where Will I Find Stone’s?

Stone’s chose it’s positioning really well. You will find it in the middle of the Red Light District and on Warmoesstraat 96 (1012 HZ Amsterdam) which is within walking distance of Central Station. To make life even easier, the team over at Stone’s have only gone and added themselves to Google Maps.

One of the Best Sports Bars in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has almost as many sports bars as it has coffeeshops. While we all have favourite places, there is no denying that Stone’s café bar and nightclub is one of the best of them. They boast one of the biggest screens in Amsterdam upon which you can view whichever games are showing during your visit. National games, important events (such as the Olympics), and Leagues from a range of different sports, can all be viewed here at different times of the year.

And there’s not much to worry about in terms of overlap, either. The café seems to last naturally until about 3 PM. As you move into early evening dinner service, the sports fans emerge and enjoy the show. A few beers later, around 8 or 9 at night, someone might break out a guitar and extend the show a little. Maybe the jukebox goes on, or a local band are playing. You start your feet tapping… but when the musicians finish playing, you don’t want to stop dancing. At midnight you are just getting started, and normally this is when you would be forced to go elsewhere…

…But not at Stone’s. Here you stay on, party harder, and wake up at noon with a throat as dry as Lilly’s sense of humour. What’s the Lilly Likes verdict on Stone’s?

If you don’t do it all over again, you’re not living your best life. Go get it champ, we believe in you.