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Only a short walk from Centraal Station, almost hidden amid the bright lights of the big city, you will find the biggest coffee shop in the world… not just in Amsterdam. The coffee shop Prix D’Ami is so massive that they need 500 chairs to seat everyone – plus bench space! It’s so big, in fact, that they are thinking of declaring it to be its own state.

Just kidding, but you get the message.

Ever wondered where Dutch sports fans go to enjoy a match? Ever been curious as to where soccer lovers gather in Amsterdam whenever the national teams are playing? You would be forgiven for thinking it was the de Ton club; but it’s actually Prix D’ami. There are 36 – you read that correctly – 36 flat screen televisions situated throughout the building. So if you want to watch soccer but your mates fancy a game of golf? No problem.

Before we dive into the world of Prix d’Ami too deeply, let us just remind you of the other exciting attractions Amsterdam has. If you are not a sports fan – that’s fine! There are plenty of other things to do in Amsterdam… and we have detailed some of the best already. Head on over to Lilly Likes HQ and find out about the awesome comedy walks in the city. Not for you? Get your weird on at the Vrolik Museum or eat your fill at Foodhallen.

Now that we’ve got introductions out of the way, let’s talk Prix d’Ami. Where is it, what is it about, and how much fun can you have there?

Getting to Know Prix D’Ami

So what is there to learn inside the largest coffee shop in any city? Everything about the city, for one thing. You can catch your sporting event of choice on any of their many, many flatscreen televisions. If that doesn’t amuse you then you can have one of their deluxe coffees. If you love a smoke but hate caffeine then (first of all, that’s weird… doesn’t your mouth get dry??) indulge in one of their milkshakes…

The Drinks…

Now. Let’s stop a minute and appreciate a true, Prix D’Ami drink. There are few places in the world where you get a smoothie like this… You know when you are watching an American movie, and the story flashes back to sometime in the 50’s or 60’s. All the teenagers are sitting in pastel coloured diners, drinking topped with whipped cream and an actual cherry? That’s what the drinks in Prix D’Ami are like.

You don’t get to be the biggest coffee shop in Amsterdam without displaying an exemplary range of coffee alternatives. The Prix D’Ami smoothie is known throughout the city for being astounding. They also have a full range of cold drinks, fresh juices and slush puppies. Of course they have all the usual hot drinks, including fruit teas, but we recommend their iced coffee with cream and caramel. Top it up with some chopped nuts if you’re feeling fancy.

The Food…

Unsurprisingly, the largest coffee shop in Amsterdam has its own complete menu. You can eat any meal of the day here, starting with breakfast. Provided you are awake before lunchtime (we forgive you, it’s Amsterdam) you can have your choice of their delectable breakfast dishes.

You want Avocado on toast? Like some sort of hipster heaven, Prix d’Ami can accommodate. Choose breakfast with sides of bacon, sides of granola, and all the eggs you can think of. Better yet, go Dutch with some Luxury Tosti’s – which just means ‘sandwich’ in English. In fact, a tosti was traditionally made out of stale bread but that’s a whole other story. Nobody in any coffee shop is going to serve you a stale sandwich. Not deliberately, anyway.

As well as luxury not-quite-sandwiches, you can indulge in any of the choice of wraps they provide. If tortillas don’t tickle your fancy, they offer normal sandwiches on Bio Farm Bread. We’re not entirely sure where the bio farm is? But we assume it means there is a party in your stomach after you eat one. You can have vegetarian, vegan, or full-force meaty sarnies. Entirely up to you.

Snacks and sweet things are a bit of a specialty at Prix d’Ami. Sure they have all the hot dogs, nachos and wings that you can stuff your face with – but the locals come here for the treats. Enjoy a sweetened crepe, complete with gooey chocolate sauce or melt-in-the-mouth ice creams. Mix in bananas, strawberry chunks, or melted marshmallows. They have Nutella by the bucket load if you so desire… all you need do is ask. And get there, of course.

The Menu at Prix d’Ami

Last of all the delightful goodies you can eat here, we have the sweet menu. If, like us, you have teeth made of cavities, you will love it here. Those among us who like our weed will love the selection – you can have crème Brule, banana split, or a waffle with whipped, sweetened, or iced cream… and chocolate sauce.

But you haven’t even heard the best bit yet. They have donuts. Made for you. In the kitchen. To be beautiful and delightful and delicious.

You come to Prix d’Ami for the coffee but you stay for the donuts. If you want to have a browse over the full menu, you can do so here.

Entertainment while you eat, drink, or party!

Prix D’ami isn’t fully smoking friendly, but they do have five different smoking areas for your pleasure. Each is kitted out with all the indulgences you would expect. On top of this they have a full-on cinema room, so if you want to see your team in cinematic action that is an optional possibility. On top of all this they have an amazing array of local DJ’s live every weekend. Amsterdam is full of culture, if you know where to look.

A former warehouse, this awesome coffee shop has endless amounts of space. Most of it is decorated with smart/casual benches cushioned with plush leather… perfect for sinking in to. They have rows of LED strip lighting, cloaking the whole building in a gorgeous display of coloured lights. We don’t need to tell you how good that will be when those edibles kick in… And lastly: what you all came here for. Prix d’Ami has an extensive collection of smoking supplies. As we mentioned above – they have everything you need to last a full day. With the exception of showers and beds, you can arrive here in the morning, eat, drink, smoke, and be entertained until evening, then stumble back to your hostel for a hearty snooze. There are people who come from half the world away to do exactly this, in exactly this place, for a full fourteen days until their holiday ends!

Described as a first class shop for smoke lovers, this is a coffee shop with a difference. The sheer size of it alone is baffling… How much do you suppose it costs to heat it? Whatever the bills are, it is totally worth it. Prix d’Ami is the kind of place you go with your friends to meet up every weekend. It is the local, the hangout, the Central Perk to your ‘FRIENDS’. Except it’s better than Central Perk because Central Perk doesn’t let you smoke a doob while you catch up…

How to Get to Prix D’Ami?

The largest coffee shop in the entire world can be found two minutes’ walk along the Damstraat, upstream from Centraal station. Given the size of the building it is hard to miss – although you can get directions by following this link. The building is white, the sign is as large as yourself. If you miss it you already smoked too much and don’t need anymore, anyway.

The opening hours at Prix D’Ami are really simple… They are open every day of the week, from 7am to 1 am. They may be closed on important holidays so check ahead. It’s quite unlikely though. This place employs half of Amsterdam… They can’t have that many people off in one day or the economy would crash. Notice that we are purposefully not making any Coronavirus jokes even though we have loads of opportunity…

The Lilly Likes Verdict?

We love it at Prix d’Ami – they have great food, even better drinks, and all sorts of amusements to keep you entertained while you are there. You go in at 9 am and you don’t need to leave again until they close. They have food for every meal, drink, smoke, and plenty of space to enjoy the company of friends.

What else do we love about it? You don’t need to book, there are no entry fees, and the atmosphere is chilled out. If you want somewhere to spend a whole day, melting into the couch, enjoying some good food, and possibly recovering from a hangover? This is the place. Enjoy. Prix d’Ami gets the Lilly Likes double thumbs up from us.