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A Dinner Cruise with a Difference (in Amsterdam)

Two words: Pizza… Cruise…

That’s right…. You can go on your very own pizza cruise, right here, in the heart of Amsterdam. We love to review special eateries in the wonderful world of Amsterdam… Yet few hit the nail on the head in quite the same way as the pizza cruise does. This genius idea mixes fantastic food, unlimited drinks, and boats. Don’t worry, you won’t fall off.

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In an ideal world we could let your imaginations fill in the details, but real life never lives up to imagination. Here at LillyLikesAmsterdam we are often in the habit of  setting our expectations low so that we aren’t disappointed. With the Pizza Cruise – Amsterdam’s very own answer to fine dining – you don’t need to worry about any of it. With this in mind let’s dive into the deets of who, where, and what else comes included in this £37 deal…

An Affordable Dinner Cruise

That’s right, for less than the price of a train ticket outside of London you can get the whole, alcohol-soaked, pizza-dinner-cruise. The whole thing lasts approximately 1.5 hours – which is probably how the company makes sure you don’t drink them dry, and that nobody dies of alcohol poisoning…

…We mentioned it was all you can drink, right? We kind of wonder if the people who designed this delicious pizza-cruise combo had ever met a Brit before. As well as getting a fine meal on the water you are also treated to a complimentary brownie pudding. Our sources can neither confirm nor deny which kind of brownie it is. Proceed with caution. Or anticipation, whatever floats your boat. Ha.

The whole cruise is family friendly, so do watch what you smoke while you float…

What’s on the Menu?

It’s about more than just pizza! But Pizza. You have your choice of a meat, fish or a vegetarian pizza.

As well as the full medium-sized pizza to yourself, you will also get a homemade brownie to round off the meal. We can only imagine these are chocolate. Kids eat here.

You also have unlimited access to all the drinks you can drink, included in the price of your ticket. That’s soft drinks, water (if you can stomach it), wine, or all the beer you like. Heineken seems to be the standard here… and that’s a mark of the quality of service you can expect. Of course it is table service… the less you walk around drinking the less chance you have of falling off the boat.

What Sights are Included?

During the Amsterdam Pizza Cruise your itinerary of travel will allow you to witness the spectacular sight of the canals in the evening. Depending on the time of year, you may see the Christmas lights dazzling the streets, you may see the full spectrum of Amsterdam in full colour, or in Autumn you might catch the low lit atmosphere that turns our canals into something splendidly romantic.

It is important to note that, with only an hour and a half to eat, you shouldn’t expect to get off at every stop. However, anyone who has ever touristed in Amsterdam knows that the city is one big maze. This cruise lets you orientate yourself in an otherwise tricky city. In addition, you do earn bragging rights for having ‘seen’ the attractions, even though you are just eating a pizza while you float past.

Asides from mood lighting, you can see a few well-known sights as you traverse the UNESCO World Heritage location that is the Amsterdam Canal Ring. You will pass by the famous house of Ann Frank. This prime Amsterdam tourist attraction housed the little Jewish girl and her family, who were persecuted by the Nazis. The site is now a museum complete with interactive exhibit and gift shop.

As well as passing by the illuminated Ann Frank house and museum, the Amsterdam pizza cruise also takes you past the A’DAM Lookout. This marvellous attraction towers overall, providing an array of restaurants, a hundred feet in the air. It is also home to the highest swing in Europe, allowing you to swing out over the side of the building to experience Amsterdam from high above the city.

Onboard guides will take you through the range of sites as you dine. They are fully experienced and speak both English and Danish, so you should be covered. They will be able to point you in the direction of the Heineken Experience, Lovers Canal Cruises, and the towering arches of Centraal Station.

The Amazing Amsterdam Pizza Cruise lets you take in the Magere Brug. This bridge over the river Amstel is one of the best known in the city. Its familiar arches can be seen on posters all across the world. Various incarnations of this bridge have stood in this same spot since 1691… one of the few tours that passes by it from the water is the Pizza Cruise.

Another popular attraction you will see illuminated on the Pizza Cruise Tour is the Amsterdam de 9 Straatjes. The ‘9 streets’ represent the best shopping in the city. If shopping is what you want from your vacation, then this is where to go. Be warned… 9 streets of shops are a lot. If you are a poor SO being dragged around you should maybe take a break and find a beer. Better yet; hop on the Pizza Cruise and get out of there – with unlimited beers.

The Westerkerk is also on the menu on this sweet dinner cruise. While you munch on some fine, home-made pizza; you can gaze over the splendour of the first gigantic Protestant church ever to be built in the city. The Weterkerk was built between 1620 and 1631 and displays a variety of pillars, arches, and other archaeological marvels.

Finally, the Pizza Cruise takes you past the National Maritime Museum. This jewel in the Amsterdam crown contains everything you ever need to know about the Amsterdam boat scene. It’s one of the top tourist attractions in the city for those that don’t smoke. This whole floating museum is one of the best things to do in Amsterdam if you have children

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Who Can Go?

Nowadays, anyone can go on the Pizza Cruise… better yet, they will let you take children less than three years of age – totally free! The cruise is both wheelchair and stroller accessible, but they do ask that infants sit in laps because highchairs aren’t available. What do you mean why not? Have you ever balanced in a highchair on board a boat? There’s your answer.

What People are Saying

So what are customers saying about the Pizza Cruise? Is it just as splendiferous as it makes out? You bet it is! Among a slew of 5-star reviews we found most clients are thoroughly impressed with the service. Curious, who attended in March 2019, says:

“Great time with family! Waitress were very sweet and attentive! Pizza was good, wine and beer was great too! Definitely recommend this!”

While Les, who went the year before, said:

“This was a great tour and lots of fun. Wonderful way to see the city from the water side. The pizza wasn’t bad either.”

A Bit About Viator

Viator exist to make it easier for people going on holiday to book tours and activities to suit them. They have more than 200,000 bookable activities across a range of destinations. They will always seek to bring you cheap deals – as evidenced by the fact that the Pizza Cruise is less than forty bucks. They also have millions of customer reviews for each of their activities and a 24-hour cancellation policy, should you need to change plans last minute.

Arguably the best thing about booking with Viator is that it lets you skip the lines. As long as you book in advance you will always have a spot. The Pizza Cruise, for example, only holds 50 passengers at a time. Even then, numbers of people sharing a table can impact how many seats are available that night. Take our advice, book before you go, and skip the queues, it really is that simple!

The Amsterdam Pizza Cruise: Our Verdict

So what’s the LillyLikes verdict on the Amsterdam Pizza Cruise? Can you guess? We love it, the clients love it, pizza lovers love it… and dude… Unlimited Drinks. If that doesn’t float your boat, then we really don’t know what will.

Try it for yourself, add to the copious reviews, and let us know how you get on. As long as you like pizza we suspect you will have a whale of a time.