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Our Top Places To Eat In Amsterdam

So Amsterdam isn’t just all about the Tulips and Coffeeshops, it has some amazing food places too. We have put together this little list of our favourite places to each, from pancakes to burgers from the wall ha. Our list is a tiny selection of foodie places over in Amsterdam but we think they are amazing!

Dirty Chicken Club

Restaurant, Cocktails and Street Art! This has to be one of our favourite places to eat in Amsterdam and its smack bang in the centre just by Central Station and The Red Light District!

The Dirty Chicken Club offers a massive variety of food and some amazing drinks to go with them! We visit here every time we head over! Despites its name they also offer a nice selection of Burgers, Salads, Steaks and Side Dishes. Its priced quite decently for the city centre.

Burger Bar

Where to start with Burger Bar! This place is just awesome. I can honestly say the best burgers I have ever tasted in my life, and I eat a lot of burgers!

Basically you choose your meat, Irish Beef, Angus Beef or Wagyu, Chicken! Then choose your size! The burgers are cooked fresh and weighed out in front of you in the kopen kitchen. You can fill your burger with tons of toppings including Bacon, Cheese, Egg, and loads loads more! Fancy a side with it? Choose from homemade fries, sweet potato or a side salad

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This is how we make THE REAL BITE!

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They also offer awesome hot dogs and have a vegetarian burger and a vegan burger so everyone is covered at Burger Bar

They have a few dotted around the city so you are never far from one! We usually head to the one in the Red Light District

Vegan Junk Food Bar

This place was actually recommended to us by one of our followers, and not being Vegan myself I wasn’t really up on Vegan food! The pictures she shared with us looked awesome, so last time we went over to Amsterdam we paid Vegan Junk Food Bar a visit and its was amazing!

The food tastes awesome and looks amazing! Again not being a Vegan i wasn’t sure what to expect but I really enjoyed it! In fact have been twice now!

They offer tons of food and loads of quirky drinks to go with them. They have a few around the city, so just pop Vegan Junk Food Bar into google, follow the directions and you will soon be trucking into the most amazing Vegan food in Amsterdam!

Charlie’s Kitchen

Charlie’s Kitchen are all about Burgers, Steaks and Ribs! They also have a great breakfast and lunch menu to keep you going while you visit the coffee shops!

At Charlie’s you enjoy First Class American Style Burgers, Steaks and Ribs, served in a trendy environment. Their chefs prepare everything fresh and with the best ingredients. Not a meat lover? Next to the juicy steaks and burgers the menu offers fish and vegetarian dishes.

Again this place is located in the Red Light District and close to Central Station!

Pancakes Amsterdam

So the name says it all ha and I have to say this place really does do the best Pancakes in Amsterdam! If you haven’t tried Pancakes Amsterdam then next time you go make it your first stop, infact one of their locations is right opposite central station so you have no excuse not to. They are so good this Twitter user waited 30 minutes in the rain just to get some!!!

They do so many vairties of pancakes far far to many to mention but you can expect a mixture of Dutch pancakes, American pancakes, Poffertjes and have a wicked breakfast menu, oh and the coffee is awesome! The pancakes come either sweet or savoury.

They have quite a few located in various parts of the city, so as always pop into google Pancakes Amsterdam and you will soon be digging into a pile of pancakes!

Sea Palace – The Floating Chinese

I think everyone reading this will have heard of The Floating Chinese in Amsterdam, most will have probably tried it. It really is the nicest Chinese in the city bar far! It is a ,little pricey but its really is a just to experience the food! This Instagram user definitely loved it

They offer Cantonese cuisine, but we hear most people love our Beijing duck, hot pot or seafood, like lobster but us the Dim Sum was out of this world! Its actually Europe’s first floating restaurants and has 650 seats!

Its located right in the centre close to Central Station and super easy to get across too!

MaMa Kelly

Well what can we say about MaMa Kelly? Well its definitely pink that’s for sure ha, but who doesn’t love a bit of pink right!

So if you do love pink you are going to love Mama Kelly! Its located up by the Olympic Stadium but its easy to get to the number 24 tram!

The menu is good and offers, chicken, lobster, steak and Vegie options too! We paid this place a visit in September after one of pour followers recommended it to us and the food is simply out of this world. The also do Oysters if you are feeling adventurous, oh and the pancakes are spot on!

Price wise looking at the menu it’s actually good value for money, so it’s worth having a trip up to.

Hot Or Not

Anyone who has visited Amsterdam can see from our picture above that this place is right in the centre by the red light district!

So Hot Or Not is awesome, not only can you smoke your smoke in there while having a drink or 2 they actually do some pretty amazing food and its really cheap!

We discovered it in September this year and went back every day we were there, I cant put into words how amazing the pulled pork baguettes are!

For a bar they offer quite a big menu, filled with loaded fries, burgers, nachos, steaks, pancakes and a decent breakfast menu!

Great place to chill eat drink and smoke all in one place


This place is just amazing! Been here a couple of times and never been disappointed!

Its located right on Dam Square and is open for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or just a coffee and cake! The pizzas are lovely but the pasta is second to none! The burgers are also super good, in fact everything here is super good

Not to pricey either for what you get and the location!


This place is just awesome! The omelettes are the best I have tasted ever!

Omelegg specialises in omelettes but they do breakfasts and other stuff too. If you are heading over to Amsterdam i would highly recommend you try this place for breakfast!

There is 2 in the city one in the centre by central station and one up by the museums, really cheap too!

New York Pizza

New York Pizza is pretty much what it says on the tin, they serve amazing pizzas and pizza slices!

This place is really good when you have the munchies, you can either grab a full size pizza or just a slice to munch on while you are heading to your next stop while exploring The Dam! This Instagram user seems to be enjoing his

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Why you so tasty #newyorkpizzaamsterdam

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There is loads of these all over the city so as usual pop New York Pizza into google and let the map take you your pizza. Most of them are open until 3am daily so even handy for the midnight munchies


My friend took me here last year for the first time and I loved it! It’s a massive food hall with loads of little quirky food stalls and bar! Its a really good place to try loads of different foods and chill! They have quite a few theme night and event nights so be sure to check whats on when you are heading over! With 21 food stalls there is something for everyone!

Its Just on the outskirts of the centre it’s easily reached by Tram!

The food is so nice and you are spoilt for choice, the hot dogs were my favourite though, and you can see why! However they also do some amazing Dim Sum!


If you have ever been over to Amsterdam and haven’t tried a FEBO all I can say is you have missed out! So its more of a fast fast food joint as you basically pop your money in the machine and out pops a burger or some traditional dutch snacks!

They are great for when you want a quick bite to keep you going while walking around the city! Although you can end up spending a small fortune if you head to one after the coffeeshops!

They have loads of them dotted all over the city so you are never far from one! Just pop FEBO into google and you will soon be grabbing a burger from the wall!

Manneken Pis

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How to brighten up your weekend 🇳🇱

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So if you love chips and fries you are going to love Manneken Pis! They in our opinion do the best chips in Amsterdam! They are located right int he centre just down by Central Station! They have a massive selection of toppings and sauces to pop on them too

If you haven’t tried this place yet you really must on you next visit, perfect little fill me up after a few hours in the coffeeshops ha

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