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Mas Y Mas Restaurant, Amsterdam


Amsterdam is a city filled with fabulous food. Whether you are full-time vegan or part-time meat eater, you can find something for every taste level in this city of wonders. We have already covered a fair few of these fantastic places to feast… but we haven’t accomplished a review of Mas Y Mas yet… and there’s still time.

Before we get started, don’t forget that you can check out all manner of activities in our favourite city. We have already taken a peek over-the-edge on the ADAM lookout and swing. We’ve also talked you through the smoke boat and brought you up to speed with what’s so special about the Dam square. Now that we have sent everyone in the right direction – let’s get down to real talk… Menu talk.

What’s Mas Y Mas like, who eats there, and is it well priced? Let’s find out…

More and More Menus

There are three menus to choose from when you stop into Mas Y Mas. One is for Argentinian Food, one is for Italian food, and the other is a drinks menu filled with lusciously fresh hot and cold drinks. We need to tackle at least two of those independently if we want to give you a well-rounded glimpse into the delights this place has to offer.

The Argentinian Menu

The starter selection on the Argentinian menu is impressive – especially if you don’t know Argentinian Cuisine that well. Guacamole, nachos, and garlic seem to be reoccurring ingredients although they are not necessarily all in the same dish. The Carpaccio do Lomo comes highly recommended, as this is the thinly sliced traditionally cooked fillet of beef. There are plenty of salad dished for those that can’t eat a barely cooked steak, so don’t panic.

Of the hot starter plates, the garlic and white wine mushrooms trump it for the vegetarians. Those happy with a plate of beef will love the Chorizos Caseros – that’s spicy sausage cooked in a traditional barbecue sauce, to you and me. As to the main courses, you might opt for a soup or a Burger– but you definitely shouldn’t come to a place like this without tasting the ‘bife’ dishes. Each has been cooked using recipes passed down to the chefs through generations of Argentinian life… and we cannot devour enough of it. Let’s not forget their fish options, mixed grills, or heavenly desserts. Yum yum.

The Italian Menu

Not to be out done, the Italian side of the kitchen at Mas Y Mas have goals of their own. Start the night off with a mouth-watering focaccia bread, slow-cooked in the pizza oven until crisped perfection or try a tomato bruschetta for a genuine taste of authentic Italy. Move on to a crème de pomodoro soup, or some gorgeous minestrone. Next, choose from a dozen options each in salad, antipasti, sandwiches, and pizza… They have a stone baking oven and they know how to use it.

Of the main courses, several fish, meats, and steaks are available… you can even get a mixed grill sharing plate for you and your partner. One last thing from that Italian menu though… don’t leave without trying the Salsa Chimichurri. This rich sauce uses the juices from the grill to create something truly divine. It will be your loss if you go home without trying it.

Is It Worth the Money?

Let’s get one thing straight right now… whether you are buying a full four course meal or whether you just stopped by for a nice zesty vino – the prices in Mas Y Mas are more than fair. There are coffee shops a hundred yards in any given direction that charge more for their desserts than this place does. Try it for yourself. We can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

And just when you thought it was all over, the drinks menu rears its head and reminds you of all the extra calories you could be drinking in.

The Mas Y Mas Experience

What makes this place special? It is like having a little touch of Argentina brought to the centre of Amsterdam. It has the finesse and flair associated with fine dining, carrying some brilliant beef styles, served with rich, full bodied wines, and the smoky taste of freshly grilled meats. This place is filled with European flavour. It echoes of wines made from sun-ripened Argentinian grapes, blush berries and refreshing fruits. It feels rather like eating a cheeseboard in the middle of a flower field. There are some experiences in life that cannot be relived, and Mas Y Mas is one of them.

You can find them on Facebook or on Instagram where their social media game is strong. For the foodie with a love for international cuisine, Mas Y Mas makes a top-of-the-itinerary stop on your annual Amsterdam trip.

The Lilly Likes Verdict

So what do we here at Lilly Likes think of the sumptuous and stylish Mas Y Mas? It goes without saying, really. We had no idea how tasty Argentinian food was until we stopped in for some appetizing treats. Will we be back? We sure will. Will we recommend it to our besties? We sure will. Do we hope it is still there when we book our next trip over the sea? Absolutely.