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King’s Cross Café & Bar, Amsterdam


Here at Lilly Likes, we are always on the lookout for the best spots to get your party on within the city. Normally, you will find us consistently reviewing some of the best coffee shops in all of Amsterdam, but King’s Cross Café and bar falls slightly outside of this standard. If you have joined us in an effort to learn more about the coffee shops of Amsterdam, we have plenty of articles for you to choose from. Head on over to our pages, you can find out all about coffeeshop such as Solo, Roxy, or even about the old favourites like the Bulldog.

If attractions are more your thing, then you can also find an array of interesting sites to see when you stop by the Lilly Likes home page. Check out the Rijksmuseum, spend an interesting day perusing the art at the Rembrandt House, or pass the afternoon outside the city for some adventuring fun!

Now that the hard part is out of the way (sending everyone to the right place), we can get down to the real subject matter of the day. What goes on at the King’s Cross Café and bar in Amsterdam? Is this the kind of place where you come to party the night away or is it just the kind of place where you come to lose a night? As ever, the Lilly Likes team have got the scoop…

The King’s Cross: Café by Day, Bar by Night.

Those that run the King’s Cross Café and bar list it on Facebook as a homely place to come and spend the evening. Customers on trip advisor say that it is a super little bar which is a great place downstairs you can listen to live music on occasion. Others say that is the perfect place to spend an evening, especially if you’re getting a little bit sick of all those fantastic coffeeshops.

One of the potentially best things about the King’s Cross Café and bar as there is open 365 days a year. This means that if you go in the middle of the festival in spring you will find it equally as open as it will be on Christmas Day. They combine cocktails with speciality beers and allow you to smoke inside the bar space – space even if you haven’t bought marijuana on the premises. They provide customers with access to shisha pipes – which is always a welcome sight for most patrons of Amsterdam.

As well as being our Café and bar they also list themselves as a nightclub. This fact is exemplified by their opening times which run from 10 AM to 3 AM every single day of the week. You will find the King’s Cross Café on Warmoestraat 95, at 1012 HZ Amsterdam, which is a pretty central location.

What’s so special about the King’s Cross?

The King’s Cross focuses on being homey Café and bar. However, they also encompass frequently changing vibes, that covers everything from live music to partying at two in the morning with new friends. Indeed, the whole focus of the King’s Cross seems to be on meeting new people, experiencing life, and making the most of your time in Amsterdam. It’s hard to argue with the pub whose whole premise and focus is simply to encourage entertainment and the lives of its patrons.

King’s Cross is located near to the red light district of Amsterdam, which allows for our nice break from all the flesh. The staff are so friendly space – space all they want is for you to find a good time and welcoming atmosphere. It’s not just about drinks either, the King’s Cross has a fairly in-depth food menu which allows you to snack when you drink. The menu is an extensive list does not forget that certain point it stops being Café and bar and start being a club. Not many clubs have their own chef.

What’s on the Menu?

When you come to the King’s Cross you can expect everything from Kings breakfast to an array of yummy salads. They have a pancake bar which (we all love) and which features a plain pancake, savoury pancake, and sweet pancake… But we recommend the King’s pancake. This masterpiece is made with blueberries, strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and a delicious chocolate sauce sure to delight you.

If that all sounds a little sweet for your tastes, then why not grab a grilled chicken sandwich one of the deluxe burgers or enjoy a club sandwich with BLT and added succulents of chicken? They have nachos, they have fries, they have chicken wings – and let’s not forget Bitterballen. These Dutch sausage balls are one of the most delicious and decadent delicacies found in Amsterdam, and the only other places that we’ve reviewed that sells them (as far as we’re aware), are the Foodhallen and FEBO.

This bears mentioning. King’s Cross Café and bar in Amsterdam is one of the only places in the entire city that you will find a brownie or a chocolate muffin (with salted caramel)– that are not “space” inspired. That’s right, muffins and brownies found at the King’s Cross do not contain any marijuana. This may be a let-down for some, but let us remind you that there are plenty of coffee shops out there willing to cater to those who like their cake with a side helping of high… You don’t need it in every eatery you monster.

The Lilly likes verdict

What do we think about the King’s Cross Bar and Café? We like their style. We like the friendly, welcoming atmosphere that doesn’t dismiss smokers offhand. We like anyplace in Amsterdam city that lets you smoke product that you bought somewhere else on their premises. There aren’t many places like this, and we have noticed that it is something Amsterdam is severely lacking in. Because of the homely feeling to King’s Cross bar and Café, and because of how inviting it is, Lilly Likes this place as a standout pub in a city full of places to get drunk. King’s Cross Bar and Café combines a friendly atmosphere with good food and strong drink. To be honest, this is all that it takes to keep us happy.

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