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Introducing I Deals: The Savvy way to see Amsterdam

Visiting Amsterdam this summer? Download this free app to help your spending money go farther. 

We’re all for Amsterdam tourism here at Lilly Likes. We appreciate every software program that sorts through deals for our patrons, so that they get plenty of discounts on the things they want to do and see in Amsterdam.
I Deals is exactly that type of platform and has therefore become the focus of today’s blog. 

Here at Lilly Likes Amsterdam we love to explore the best sights and sounds that the city has to offer. From renting a bike, to enjoying a tour of Amsterdam on a kayak, to devouring the tastiest grilled chicken, to hiring a photographer to capture your memorable trip: Amsterdam has a myriad of experiences just waiting to be explored, touched, tasted, and enjoyed. And we encourage our guests to go out and have a blast… 

While we have a selection of deals of our own to choose from, I Deals offer something a little different. They cater to individuals, tourists, businesspeople, and anyone else travelling to and from the City. Let’s look more closely at their service and see if Lilly agrees with it all. I Deals

What/Who are I Deals? 

Great for tourists, I Deals have combined several great Amsterdam experiences into one mobile app platform. They have curated a fine list, the details of which we will cover momentarily. First off, we wanted to talk about how this free service can help you see more, do more and save more when you are in Amsterdam. 

The I Deals app is free, bilingual, and allows you to browse lists of discounts on dining, services, fun, fitness and attractions, all within the city we know and love. Next, they negotiate with said targets to get better value deals for their clients.  

Download their free app, find a deal you like and contact the Vendor to book/order, then press “Redeem” so that your voucher is sent to the Vendor and they apply the discount to your order. 

When you shop for things to see and do in town through I Deals, you can choose from discounts in all categories such as: 

Restaurants and dining, 

Shopping and retail,

Fitness, wellness, and well-being, 

Attractions, and sight-seeing activities. 

Practical daily services like bike repairs, relocation, courses and more.  

All the above can be found via their mobile app.  

What Sort of Amsterdam Deals do they Offer? 

When you log in to your app, you can choose between what sort of deals and discounts you are looking for. So, say you want something to eat, you would search for “food” providers which offer deals through the I Deals app, or you can search according to your area of the City.  

When you find something you’re looking for, for example “fast food” in your area, you can then find vouchers for those restaurants. Find a Vendor you like, then visit them or contact them through the app to place your order, and redeem your voucher.
You will then get money off your purchase, allowing your cash to go farther. 

The app will total up how much you have saved through using the app, and you can earn badges and rewards the more you save. It’s quite satisfying to see how much you’re saving, and be rewarded for it! 

The deals include all sorts of things. You could find your next experience day, an attraction, a tour, fancy dinner or massage. You could save money on every purchase you make while you are in town if you play your cards right.   

Becoming an Ambassador for I Deals 

I Deals are always on the lookout for new people to act as ambassadors and therefore help them to improve their service. By becoming an ambassador, you can gain access to special discounts and complimentary experiences and events. All you must do in return is go out and  enjoy your city. They may ask you to use a hashtag or tag them in social media from time to time, but it’s an otherwise sweet deal. 

If you think becoming an ambassador for the I Deals brand would suit your social media following, you can visit this page to learn more. 

Promote your business through I Deals 

Another way you can get involved with this awesome service is if you are a business. If you operate in Amsterdam, have something to offer, and would like to promote your business and offers through I Deals, then they want to hear from you. The more businesses they have access to, the more deals they can offer. This leads to better customer pleasure and a wider network that attracts more tourists and visitors. The bigger the network, the greater the benefit for everyone.
If you think your business sounds like a fit, you can visit this page to learn more

How to get started with I Deals Amsterdam? 

Get the App! 

You can do all of this over your phone, without even having to go online via a laptop. The I Deals app is available in both the Apple Store and the Google Play stores, so you can follow along without the hassle of physically speaking to someone… because we all hate that. 

Available on Instagram 

Last but not least, you can find the I Deals crew over on Instagram where they are in the midst of amassing thousands of followers to spread the good word.  

The Lilly Likes Verdict Does Lilly approve of I Deals? You can bet your bottom dollar she does! We love all things that make the life of tourists more worthwhile. If it helps you see more of the world, it’s fine by us… and that’s exactly what I Deals offers… the chance to see more of the world. We suggest you take it now. You never know when you’re going to have to endure a new lockdown.


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