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If you were to stroll down Warmoesstraat, which just so happens to be in the heart of the Red Light District, you would see some eye opening sights. Not least of these, although possibly one of the more child-friendly ones, is the sight of Grizzly’s restaurant/bar. We’ve reviewed a fair number of Amsterdam burger bars, so we don’t tend to look twice at the ordinary ones. What sets Grizzly’s apart? Soccer, rugby, and motor racing.

You see, Grizzly’s are ten times more likely to tell you to shush because the game is on than any other bar. Instead of being neglected, this makes it a treasured gem in the part of the city most often frequented by those drawn to sports. Only on this street can you do some frisky window shopping and follow it up by the self-styled best burger bar in town. While you are there, you will have the chance to enjoy some EUFA, Liga A, Premier League, Champions League, and other sporting events.

You can stop by Grizzly’s for snacks, breakfast, lunch or dinner, and even just to watch a game in a friendly, welcoming environment. You can visit from 11-11 von any day of the week, and you will always find them ready to whip up a brilliant burger, freshly made for you.

As ever, we wanted to know if Grizzly’s is a fit for Lilly Likes Amsterdam. Is it as better than Febo? Is it more delicious than the Floating Chinese restaurant? Does it come with beer? We took a deep dive into the menu to find out, so hang tight… we’re just getting to the good bit! Don’t forget to check out our delightful deals if you are heading to the city, any time soon. You never know what fun things you will be able to add to the itinerary.

Why Choose a Grizzly?

Of all the million places there are to eat in the city, Grizzly stands out for being more like a bar than a restaurant. This is the kind of setting where you arrange to meet friends with the intention of going on to a club – but end up staying all night because you are having so much fun. It definitely feels like a bar when you walk in, with high stools, exposed brick walls, and large screens all around the central bar area to let you see whatever sport is playing that day.

From the outside, Grizzly looks like a cosy inn. It’s on the corner, which means plenty of window seats, and features those neon signs you find all over town. It’s quintessentially Amsterdam, to be short about it. It’s the kind of place you’d love to drink mulled wine in all through winter while your partner shouts at football players on the big screens.

Why choose a Grizzly meal? It’s convenient, classy, a sports bar, and they have fantastic food. Let’s look at that menu and prove it to you…

What’s on the Menu at Grizzly Burger?

As we mentioned already, they are open for business everyday at eleven, when you can catch a late breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Breakfast at a Burger Bar?

Yep! And with loads of choices, too. If full English is your thing, great! They do a lovely farmer’s omelette made with fresh veg and locally sourced eggs. You can enjoy bacon, anything on toast that you like, or, for the sweeter tooth, tuck into some American style pancakes. They have blueberry and mascarpone pancakes which will delight even the fussiest eater – but none of these are the star of the show here. The star is the banana and bacon pancake breakfast. We know you are shaking your head right now, but just wait until you try it. The innovative mix of sweet and savoury in one sitting will blow your mind. And if not, they have plenty of syrup.

Lunchtimes at Grizzly Amsterdam

Lunchtime is less straightforward than your ordinary burger bar. Incidentally, you can only get burgers on the dinner menu, so don’t rock up at 11am looking for a Black Angus with all the trimmings.

You can have a sandwich with crispy chicken, full veggie, bell pepper, cheddar cheese, onions, mushrooms, beef, pulled pork, ranch, BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, smoked salmon, creamed cheese, and avocado… among others. Or you could just have a salad, hotdog, or soup of the day.

Dinnertimes at Grizzly

After knocking back a full English and tucking into a state-themed-sandwich, you can finally enjoy your burger… we’re not even joking. You will meet friends here for breakfast and still be sitting there at lunch and dinner times, so you might as well get comfortable.

For dinner, the Grizzly chefs bring out the big guns. They have pulled pork burgers so soft and succulent that the meat falls apart in your mouth. There flagship burger is the Classic Black Angus, which is one of the best cattle types found in South America and is descended from the Aberdeen Angus. You can choose chicken or veg instead, of course.

They have roast chicken, salmon fillets, rib-eye steaks, tenderloins, mac & cheese, salads, sauerkraut – or choose from their array of snacks.

The Snack Menu

Part of what makes Grizzly so successful is that it doubles as a sports bar. Part of what makes it a sports bar is the snacks it delivers during game time. If you just popped in for a quick pint, treat yourself to nachos, Dutch Bitterballs, or crispy chicken sticks/wings. There is literally no aspect of meat that they don’t cover.

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The Lilly Likes Verdict?

What’s our verdict on the delights found tucked away amid the Red Lights of Amsterdam? Get your mind out of the gutter, we mean the edible ones… We love it, naturally. Lilly enjoys a good burger and never wanted one more than after we were done at Red Light Secrets. As ever, the choice in where to eat out in Amsterdam is entirely up to you… but Grizzly’s is one of those special places that make weekends fun. Check it out and see for yourself.