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At least twice a year, we are forced to put our feelings for our partners aside and buy them a gift. Come birthdays, Christmases, and even Valentine’s days, we owe them a token of our affection… The longer you date someone for, the less choice in gifts you have. God help you if you marry them.

Don’t panic! As usual, we at LillyLikes have come up with some alternative gift experiences-come-trip-ideas to help you through this difficult time of your life. Looking for some alternative gift ideas? Want to buy your partner the best present ever? You need to stop thinking about gifts you can wrap and start thinking about the one thing that will last a lifetime… the experience.

With this in mind, let’s look at some of our very favourite trip ideas, in and around Amsterdam. Each will make a great gift for the love in your life. And, you know, you can’t send them on a trip alone, so…

The 5 Best Gift-Trip-Experiences in and around Amsterdam

We want to talk the best gifts for your partner when jewellery will no longer cut the mustard. With that in mind, we hand-picked these five trip ideas, to treat your loved one, this birthday, Christmas, end-of-quarantine, or what have you.

1 – The Girlfriend’s Shopping Trip to Amsterdam

OK, so the title says it’s for women, but we happen to know a few men who wouldn’t mind a shopping trip in this fair city. For less than the price of a nice necklace (or chain), you can send her (or him) around Amsterdam on a personalised shopping tour.

This isn’t just shopping so don’t be deceived by the name. This is a full tour of the best designer stores in town, inclusive of a 30 minutes video stylist consultation, their own personal tour guides with one VIP shop tour per booking, a full style report, fashion photographs for sharing on Social Media… store discounts… top local stylists… everything your partner needs to have their very own ‘Pretty Woman’ (or Pretty Man) moment.

The tour will start around 9 am and consist of four hours of wholesome shopping goodness. You will be whisked from de Bijenkorf, Dam 1, 1012 JS Amsterdam, off to the shops in luxury transportation. Look Styler will be with you every step of the way to guide your shopping decisions – and they even include fine dining in the package.

As an added bonus, the trip is one hundred percent customizable to your partner’s needs. Arguably the best part? That you send them on the trip and then they spend their own money! We’re joking but it really is a problem.

Priced from £165.27, value = 1010%, find out more here.

2 – How About A Beer Tour?

Undoubtedly one of the best gifts you could ever buy your partner – is a Secret Beer Tour through the streets of Amsterdam. This half-day tour takes your beloved from collection at the Multatuli Statue in Torensluis, to several historic pubs and brewhouses around town. Did you know they have been brewing beer in Amsterdam since the 12th century? It is thought that it was cleaner than the water at one point.

With this private tour you will be guided around some of the best sites in the Dam. The Nieuwe Kirk, world-famous Royal Palace, and a visit to Chinatown are all included. Of course, you will be stopping at the nearest pub at every location. Winding through the canals of Amsterdam you will experience tales of smugglers, big-brewery conspiracies, and learn all about why the Dutch are so delightful when drunk.

Beer tours are so rarely a miss. Beer tours in Amsterdam? You just won best gift ever. Think: really well organised pub crawl with guide thrown in so everyone actually makes it home this time.

Priced at £87.57, value = 1018%, partner brownie points = 412, learn more about it here.

3 – Go Canoeing at Sunset… One to do Together

If you are thinking that getting a gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend is great, but wouldn’t it be nice to do something together? Then we have got your back. This particular trip is not for the water averse. If your partner is active and doesn’t mind paddling for some romance, then this might be the trip for you.

Since the turn of the nineteenth century, canoeists have negotiated the canals of Amsterdam… and now you can do it too. Set off at sunset and slide through still waters along the canals, between the streets, and under the bridges. This sunset tour encompasses the same waterways that inspired the likes of Rembrandt and Van Gogh. If that doesn’t bring you out in goose-bumps, then we worry about your soul.

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Make a perfect summer evening even more idyllic with the inclusion of lunch, your very own canoeing trainer, a quick lesson and then a cosy hop into the canal. You will love it – and you get to do it together. Definitely an experience he or she (or they) is (are) definitely unlikely to forget.

Priced at £62.56 (PP), value = 1 billion % worthwhile, learn more about it here.

4 – The Honeymoon Experience

If you’re married, and you have been married for a long time, and you start to look around for interesting gifts but can’t find anything you haven’t done before – that’s when you should go on a honeymoon Experience. Rekindle that romance with a little birthday bliss. This deal gives you so much tailored choice that it’s a bit of a no-brainer… especially since you can’t send them alone…

This special package gives you access to fashion stylists and a personalised tour of the shops – much like the girlfriend/boyfriend shopping experience but turned up a notch. With this you get transportation in a limo, a private helicopter or flight if you prefer, a VIP store experience, a spa, Michelin star dining, champagne for two, beauty treatments and much more.

This deal includes a hair and makeup package that essentially provides a full makeover. You can mix and match between high-end experiences. You might want to visit the spa in the afternoon and   jump in the helicopter to take you to dinner at one of the best restaurants in the country. Or, you know, you could buy them a box of chocolates and some roses. Again.

Whether it is an anniversary gift meant to re-spark a romance, or whether it is a birthday trip of a lifetime – this is the ultimate gift experience for your loved one. If you both adore Amsterdam, then do it together. Everyone deserves a little luxury now and then.

Priced around £165.27 (but please remember all prices are changeable), value = everyone should do this at least once in their lives, partnership brownie points – this might save your relationship, learn more about it here.

5 – On a Budget? On your Bike.

What says ‘romance’ better than a couple’s guided bike tour of the countryside around Amsterdam. Surveying the extremities of a city might not seem like fun – but in Amsterdam things are always a little bit different. When you exit the throng of canals and bike parks, shops and coffee shops, you will come to the tulip fields.

These blankets of beauty are renowned across Europe as being some of the most spectacular sights to see. Every spring, the fields outside the city come to vibrant life in fantastic colours, always sure to take your breath away… so make sure you take an antihistamine with you. And maybe your inhaler.

On a serious note, the tulips of Amsterdam are sold throughout the entire world, shipped around the globe to end up in living spaces from China to Brazil. That you can ride your bike through it is one of the most gorgeous, and scented, gifts you can give. You can just hire a bike and go if you want, but the chances of getting lost in a Monet painting are high.

Instead, go on the tour. It’s a great budget gift for a partner while you are in Amsterdam. The tour encompasses all the windmills you will ever need to see in your life and covers 18 miles. While this is a lovely, thoughtful, romantic gesture, it isn’t designed for those that aren’t on the fitter side of healthy. From farmers to fishing villages, this half-day tour even includes a Dutch safari… that is: it includes sheep.

Priced around £32.20, value = priceless, partnership brownie points – you might as well meet the parents, learn more about it here.

Other Options in Amsterdam Days Out

If you are in the city for any length of time at all and you want to do something different, then you really need to check out LillyLikes HQ. We have reviewed everything from the best places to eat (the burgers are often multicoloured) to the best museums in the city.

We have quite literally done all the hard work so that all you need to do is turn up… Just like Amsterdam itself, we promise it will be worth it.

*Prices are correct at the time of posting this article, prices may change with exchange rates or other circumstances beyond our control