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Dirty Chicken Club – Amsterdam

Winner, Winner, Dirty Chicken Club for Dinner!

(We’re sorry, we had to)

The last time the English contingent of the Lilly Likes Amsterdam team were over in our country of worship we had to stop in at the Dirty Chicken Club for dinner. We found it by accident. We didn’t stop once; we didn’t stop twice… but the third time was the charm. We wanted to sample the full range of exciting food they have on offer… but there’s so much more to the Dirty Chicken Club than first meets the appetite…

Chicken in a top hat isn’t the only thing this yummy backstreet diner has in its favour. Besides accidentally stealing one of Ru Paul’s catchphrases, they also provide Freak Shakes, live music, and street art – all combined into one lovely bundle of weird good fun.

You go to the Dirty Chicken Club for something to eat and end up spending the whole night, thoroughly amused by whatever act, band, or entertainment is on offer that day. You don’t just need to eat, either. They offer some of the best cocktails in Amsterdam… but it’s the rotisserie and beer can chicken that grab the attention of the average passer-by.

Breakfast, Lunch, or a Cool Shake in the Afternoon…

They don’t just do dinners, of course. The Dirty Chicken Club in Amsterdam is open for breakfast and lunch. It also allows you to swing by at any time throughout the day, just to hang out and have one of their fantastic shakes. They do a few lighter, taster meals, courtesy of revered chef Justin Brown. You can find him on Twitter, regularly posting some of the best dishes the Dirty Chicken Club has to offer… mostly of his creation, of course.

The Dirty Chicken Club opened back in 2017 and has skyrocketed in success, ever since. It is no wonder; with such a diverse mix of food, flavours, music and art – Amsterdam is exactly the right place for such a club. If there is a paid membership scheme, we are already in… The phrase:

“Shut up and take my money”

Comes to mind.

Where Can I Find This Chicken Heaven?

The Dirty Chicken Club is conveniently located in the centre of Amsterdam. It isn’t the most eye-catching shop front, but once you have found it the first time you will never forget where it is! It’s within stumbling distance of the fabled Red-Light District of Amsterdam, near enough to Centraal Station that you can eat then travel, or travel then eat, within moments of each other… which is also great if you are staying outside of town and traveling in.

The official address is Warmoesstraat, Amsterdam, so if you get lost you can always hop on a rickshaw. With chicken this delicious there really is no excuse not to make a point of trying it… It literally comes out atop a beer can. What more do you want from a bird?

When Can I Visit?

The Dirty Chicken Club in central Amsterdam is open all week long, though not quite round-the-clock (the chef has to sleep, too). You can catch a cocktail, enjoy some street art, or sample their fine menu, every day from 12 noon right through until 12 midnight.

The Dirty Chicken Club – Cocktails

One thing that the Dirty Chicken Club is Amsterdam-renowned for is their cocktails. As well as Chef Brown providing exemplary food, they also benefit from a whole load of cocktails, destined to rock your socks off.

As well as an array of cocktails to choose from, you also have wine, beer, or soft drinks to choose from. Don’t forget the Freak Shakes either… These massive shakes contain all sorts of lovely extras to make your mouth water. Choose from chocolate, vanilla and strawberry – or mix it up. Any drink is possible at the Dirty Chicken Club. With such friendly, delightful staff, all you need to do is ask.

Dirty Chicken Club – What’s on the Menu?

So the big question on all of our minds is: What’s on the menu? As well as the usual trendy sides, a delicious breakfast menu, and a variety of homemade slaws and chicken nuggets/fingers, you can get access to the whole menu at dinner and lunch times.

The Beer-can chicken is definitely the star attractions in this diner. Capable of feeding two people, this is the chicken presented on a skewer, with a beer can up its bum and a top hat of lemon and tomato. The chicken tacos are a close second favourite from the chicken pickings in the Dirty Chicken Club. These Mexican style spiced tacos have just enough ‘oomph’ to spice up your life.

Besides Chicken Quesadillas or any number of chicken burgers, there are other meats on offer at everyone’s favourite club. Choose a 100% Angus steak beef burger. This genuine Scottish beef is some of the tenderest, most-prized in the world… and you can eat it at the Dirty Chicken Club in Amsterdam. Just try not to think about the air miles…

If steak and/or chicken isn’t to your liking, then worry not! The Dirty Chicken Club in central Amsterdam also offer a BBQ Pork Rib dish that will leave you drooling. Add cheese and bacon to EVERYTHING on the menu if you want to… or chase that ribeye steak with a fine wine, some good tunes, and a slice of their signature, no-bake cheesecake.

The Dirty Chicken Club even cater to those on a diet. You can still indulge in the dirty chicken you came all this way to try if you are watching your waistline! Try a Chicken Caesar salad done Dirty Chicken Club style. Not to your liking? What about a mixed leaf salad with your choice of toasted pine nuts, honey and mustard dressing, and an optional helping of smooth and exquisite goat’s cheese.

Do You need to Make a Reservation?

No, you don’t have to make a reservation. To be sure of a table though, we suggest that you do so. Particularly if you want to eat on a Friday or a Saturday night. If there is a live show on, then you should also book in advance.

To reserve a table or ticket to the Dirty Chicken Club simply visit their website and follow the reservation instructions, here.

What Sort of Street Art do they Display?

The Dirty Chicken Club is famed throughout the local area for bringing bright, bold, graffiti-style colour to the Amsterdam arts scene. You can find this colourful style splashed all over their walls, with every table and every booth displaying a different piece. This might seem eccentric to some, but to us? This is the best way to ensure a different dining experience, every time you show up.

The Dirty Chicken Club have such cool colour schemes they have a whole boatload of Instagram images. Apparently, Insta-models find the lighting really brings out the colour of their eyes. We promise we are laughing with them, not at them. check them out here

Some of the artwork on display is for sale, and most of it is completed by local artists. This makes the Dirty Chicken Club an important resource for sales, ensuring that they are always giving something back to the community they serve. We love to see local artists sponsored here at Lilly Likes Amsterdam. Do head on over to their Twitter account to check some of the pieces out…

What Sort of Chef is at the Dirty Chicken Club?

As well as great cocktails, fantastic food, a menu to die for, local art you can buy, and freaky shakes – what has the Dirty Chicken Club got going for it? Ah yes… we almost missed out the Chef! Chef Justin Brown has been in the business all over the world for many years. Famous throughout his homeland of Britain; Chef Justin is the owner of several pop-up restaurants throughout the city of Amsterdam[i].

In previous years the chef at the Dirty Chicken Club has worked on his own company, released a cookbook, and worked with the likes of Jamie Oliver. He has experience from the world-renowned Landmark in London, as well as Restaurant Amuse in Australia. International chef of mystery and rotisserie chicken extraordinaire – it is worth coming to the Dirty Chicken Club just to sample some of his menu. Seriously… It’s that good

Rounding Up

As we mentioned above; we visited the Dirty Chicken Club three times over the Christmas period, and we can’t get enough of it. The food is good, the atmosphere is buzzing, and the tributes to the local artists that help make it such a special place cannot go unappreciated. Even if you don’t buy a piece of Amsterdam art to take home with you – simply perusing it is enough to lift the spirits.

There’s nothing we don’t like about a little Dirty Chicken. Go and see for yourself. We’re 99% sure you will love it, too. We leave the one percent margin of error for all the vegans out there… but we’re sure you already know where to go if that applies to you.