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Coffeeshops of Amsterdam: Voyagers (Hotel)

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Today we have something a little bit different to the norm. This coffeeshop isn’t technically a coffeeshop at all: but is a hotel. The business operates as a hotel business with an open minded feel, that just-so-happens to have a coffeeshop on the ground floor. The fact that the coffeeshop is better known and loved than the hotel upstairs, seems to be a part of the parcel that makes up Amsterdam culture. Remember, weed is tolerated in Amsterdam, but they still class it as a drug.

Now… you can book into the Voyagers hotel and stay with them for the duration of your visit. They don’t do breakfast, they don’t do parking, they don’t do anything other than provide you with a fairly basic (but very clean) room to sleep in. They do single, double, and triple rooms, with standard prices starting from €75 per night. You can choose to stay with them and use it as a base of operations for the rest of Amsterdam – but be warned, the stairways are tight. You might even stay somewhere else and visit the coffeeshop, the two are not mutually exclusive.

Before we get tucked in, we invite you (cordially) to come and have a look at our blog. We have reviewed a bunch of different coffeeshops of Amsterdam, each of which you can read through when you have a minute, and you fancy a laugh. We have covered everything from Coffeeshop Smokey’s to Stone’s café and bar. If coffeeshops don’t tickle your fancy then you probably aren’t that interested in Amsterdam, nevertheless there are a bunch of different attractions on our pages that will help you plan an action-packed itinerary.

Let’s get down to business and review Coffeeshop/Hotel Voyagers by our usual exacting standards.

Atmosphere and Vibe

With a hotel upstairs, you would be forgiven for thinking Voyagers Coffeeshop was as minimal as the rooms they offer. They are within five minutes’ walk from Centraal Station – which every hostel claims to be, but which they actually are. Inside sports the traditional saloon-style mix of browns and leathers, cream walls and wooden floorboards.

From the outside, Voyagers Hotel perches on the corner of the street. Its name is in lights, its rooms are bright, its coffeeshop less so. It has a great atmosphere, with most of the late-night smokers nice and relaxed, ready to fall into their conveniently located upstairs rooms. We like the serenity of it, even though it is in the city centre – it is a calming, soothing place to be.

We gave the Voyagers Coffeeshop a 4 out of 5 for atmosphere and vibe. If it were more clearly defined as one thing or the other, it would work better. When you split the focus of your business, things become a little uncertain. This uncertainty leads to customers avoiding you.

Munchies and Drinks

The coffeeshop under Voyagers doesn’t serve breakfast. The website is absolutely clear on that. It’s not even that they don’t provide it – they don’t serve it because it doesn’t exist. The kitchen facilities in the Voyagers Hotel and Coffeeshop simply don’t have the capacity. As a result, they have no food that can’t be supplied in packet form which has been brought in from outdoors. They might sell you some cake, but other than that the pickings are slim.

As for drinks, you can get the full variety of tea, coffee, cappuccino, or hot chocolate. You can have a cold drink, a fizzy one, or a bottle of water. Other than that, you really are on your own. It’s fine if you are here for a smoke, not so fine if you are here to stay with them. That being said, they are perfectly located for you to take advantage of the many, many, many bakeries in the city centre.

Overall, the lack of foodstuffs led to a miserly 3 out of 5 for munchies and drinks. They make up for it in strains though, don’t worry.

Products/Edibles (420)

We have finally reached everyone’s favourite part of the review… where we get down to the real business at hand. Coffeeshops in Amsterdam aren’t supposed to display their menus on their sites, so we (and the rest of the world) use this nifty little site, instead. You don’t have to head there though; we have the rundown right here.

When you visit the Voyagers Coffeeshop, you can choose from:

  • Cali Strains like L.A. Pop Rockz, Melonade or Gelato 33.
  • Sativa Strains such as Tangie, Super Silver Strawberry and Amnesia Haze.
  • Indicas like Rolex O.G. Kush, Kosher or Vanilla Kushes.
  • Hybrids that are a half-and-half split, like Super Mango Haze, Gorilla Cookies or Purple Glueberry.
  • Lemon Haze Hashish, Tangie Hash and Green Crack.
  • Tobacco and pure joints in pre-rolled form, with options in strain.
  • Space cake for the non-smoker. They have a super strong muffin or a medium strength muffin.

So it’s fairly safe to say that the Voyagers Hotel and Coffeeshop have weed strains all wrapped up. The choice in pre-rolled joints is particularly impressive, since most places just have them with or without tobacco as the choice.

We gave them a 5 out of 5 for Products/Edibles (420). They deserve it.

Café Merchandise

As to merchandise, what is there on offer? Well the hotel isn’t the sort of place you would want to steal the towels from. We have a feeling they would chase you for them. On the other hand, the coffeeshop is a bare bones smoking place, without too many food or drink options, either. No matter which way you cut it, Voyagers is a no-frills establishment. From the little robot logo to the art-free walls. While we love this in its own way, we are loathed to admit that it means there is a lack of merchandise here. Beyond the normal skins and lighters, you will be lucky to pick anything up.

We gave them 4 out of 5 for their merchandise because they have the minimum.

Lilly Likes Verdict

So now we reach the ultimate decision… does Lilly Like Voyagers, or is it all just a bit too much? Nah – of course she likes it! It’s a good place to get the basics in for not-too-shabby prices. They do not do refunds; they do not do breakfasts… but they do have some decent weed strains and they have won the Cannabis Cup in the past – despite being a hotel.

All in all, we awarded 16 out of 20 for this location. Lilly Likes Voyagers coffee shop, it’s a little bit out there, but that’s the kind of thing that interests us. If it interests you too, be sure to put it on your itinerary for your next trip to Amsterdam.