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Coffeeshops of Amsterdam: Tweede Kamer

All the Wondrous Coffeeshops of Amsterdam rated according to Lilly’s Likes.

Here in the deep recesses of the Lilly Likes pits, we are dredging out an old favourite in times of need. That is right, we are returning to visit our famous Amsterdam Coffeeshop Review format in the face of the pandemic. Take that Covid-19.

We love our CSA articles and we have loved them for a long time. We started this journey with Barney’s, The Bulldog, and Abraxas. Now we have built up coffeeshop reviews of cafes all over the city, and some of which you (and we) had never heard of before. Luckily, we had heard of Tweede Kamer. Some of us had even been there long enough to write a review for it… so let us get on with the show.

Let us get on with the discussion and examine what it is that makes Tweede Kamer such a firm favourite among Dutch coffeeshop goers.

Atmosphere and Vibe

Tweede Kamer is a Dutch coffeeshop. That does not mean that it has tulips on every surface and people kicking about in clogs – it just means that it is run by locals, for locals. Typically, these are the best coffeeshops because they are not “tourist traps”. Which just means that they are less likely to rip you off.

Customers report nothing but good vibes here, that the smoke selection is fine, and that the staff are friendly. De Tweede Kamer means “The Second Room” in Dutch, as if the café were the second room of your house. The wooden wall panels, light brown tables and chairs, and all the other aspects of the coffeeshop world are nice touches for bringing about that vibe.

We gave the Tweede Kamer coffeeshop a 4.5 out of 5 for atmosphere and vibe. They would do a little better with some colours on the wall. We like the brown and white but, frankly, after fifty coffeeshops reviews we are a bit sick of the sight of it.

Munchies and Drinks

There is not all that much on offer in Tweede Kamer in the munchies and drinks department. Of course, they offer the typical strong Amsterdam coffee, along with all manner of variations on it. You can have latte, espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate, or a cold drink. In terms of food, they might have a cake or two in, they might not.

They usually have a good selection of hash and a small number of space cakes for you to choose from. Let us put it this way: locals don’t come here for the coffee. Like so many of the Dutch, non-tourist based coffeeshops in Amsterdam, the weed is the star attraction, and the coffee is an afterthought. Often, that coffee is only there to stop the coffeeshop being a dispensary. We feel this is most definitely the case with De Tweede Kamer.

We gave them 3 out of 5 for munchies and drinks. In terms of coffee shop indulgences, they need to step up to the plate.

Products/Edibles (420)

This is the category where Tweede Kamer does phenomenally well. Do not be shy about it, we know half of you (at least) skipped the rest of the article to come straight here. It is fine, we’re not offended.

This coffeeshop has a connect with Amsterdam Genetics. They are one of the best-known plant breeders in Amsterdam and therefore the world. Some of the products and edibles you can expect here include:

  • Kosher Mandarin, milkshake Kush, and a special like Blue Magic.
  • Super Silva with G13 crosses, Amnesia and G crosses, Heaven’s haze shake…
  • C5 Pioneer (which we had never heard of), Green Magic CBD weed, and Amnesia.
  • Super Lemon Haze, Pineapple Haze, Bubble-gum, LA Confidential, AK 020, and all manner of other weeds.
  • Ice-O-Lator hashish like Waterworks, King Hassan and Tbizia Grand Cru.
  • Amsterdam Genetics Blocks, like White Choco Ice, Super Lemon Haze Block, Fat Kids Cake Block, and White Choco Block.
  • Riffman Hashish and Cakes like a Classic Cakebar, Red Velvet, Chocolate, or White Chocolate cake bars, Jala, and Sherazade Sunrise.
  • A variety of pre-rolled joints, including Maroc, Mexican Haze, Tbizla, Jack Herer and Oure Super Silverhaze.

With so much to choose from on a menu that gets refined every season, we can tell you that this is one of the best supplied coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Without exaggeration, they have more choice than about 80% of the other cafes. For this reason alone, they had a 5 out of 5… but then that variety of Edible…

…For the first time ever, we are borrowing a mark from another category to transfer it here. We give the De Tweede Kamer a 6 out of 5 for Products and Edibles. There is almost as much choice in edible as there is in weed. It is exemplary.

Café Merchandise

While Tweede Kamer does not have a large collection of merch on offer, they do have one or two less-than-normal products, instead. You might not find a Tweede Kamer T-shirt, but you should be able to buy grinders, pipes, weed, roach and skins, all from the counter. You will not get tobacco – but who needs tobacco?

They are one of the few providers of Amsterdam Genetic seeds in the city. Of course, seeds are only for collection purposes and should never be planted. However, it is something that many weed connoisseurs do and that you can do with a little help from Tweede Kamer.

It is interesting and a bit unique – but we still want the baseball cap. 4.5 out of 5 for the creativity just give us enough to start a cult movement with.

Lilly Likes Verdict

What else can we say about Tweede Kamer? That it really does feel like the spare room of your house? That it has fantastic, top-quality weed on offer? That the locals use it because they know this? How about all the above?

You will find the Tweede Kamer Coffeeshop down a back alley of the city on Hiesteed 6 1012 west central. You will find Lilly approves enough to give them an overall score of 18/20, even if she is sometimes a little too high to find it.