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Coffeeshops of Amsterdam: Coffeeshop Roxy


All the Greatest Coffee shops in Amsterdam, as rated by Lilly Likes!

If you are in the vicinity of the Coffeeshop Katsu and happen to be looking for your next dooby, the Roxy is just two streets away. situated on the Albert Cuypmarkt, near the Sarphatipark, you will find this hidden gem, tucked away in plain sight. Roxy is open from 7 am to 11 pm, all the better to catch the native Dutch stoners that make the place so successful.

Before we start testing out our categories on the Coffeeshop Roxy, let’s talk directions. We have reviewed a whole ton of Amsterdam Coffeeshops for your reading enjoyment, all of which can be found on our blog. We also covered various different sights, tours, and restaurants, all of which can easily be adapted to join your next holiday itinerary when you finally get round to visiting Amsterdam. 2020 might have been awful for tourism – but we can assure you that those sights and splendours are still there, just waiting to be discovered when you are able to cross the sea. In the meantime, read about them here at Lilly Likes, and we will keep expanding our collection!

Next to add to the ranks of reviewed Amsterdam attractions is the Coffeeshop Roxy. Just what delights does it have in store for us – and can we eat them, drink them, or smoke them? Let’s find out.

Atmosphere and Vibe

Roxy is a bit of a weird place. From the front, it almost looks like one of those tourist shops that sell inflatable beach balls and woven donkeys. If it weren’t for the word ‘Coffeeshop’ displayed above the entrance you would end up in the wrong place.

On the inside the vibe is a lot more relaxed. Some of the artwork is geared towards American rappers – which has long since been associated with the ‘stoner’ scene. The art is impressive, reflective of the Amsterdam street style, and makes a great speculative background while you get high.

The front is bright and airy, the back is darker, more chilled out, and leaves the biggest impression. Most importantly, it is definitely a coffeeshop and there isn’t a single cheap fishing net or Lilo in sight.

We give Coffeeshop Roxy a 5 out of 5 for atmosphere and vibe. It encapsulates what you expect from a weed café.

Munchies and Drinks

This is the area where Roxy let’s itself down a little, which is a weird one because most do well here. You can get the odd cake, you can enjoy a hot or cold beverage, but the food and drink are very much an afterthought in coffeeshop Roxy. This place exists as a dispensary in our mind, with coffee thrown in to make sure they were legal. We’re not sure if it has undergone any recent changes, but it is traditionally known as a place you buy good weed but get your coffee elsewhere.

Their space cakes get rave reviews, on the other hand. They come in at 7 euros, in either sativa or Indica, and contain half a gram of bud in each. We gave them a 3 out of 5 for this category but we felt a bit bad for it. Still, anyone can open a can of juice but not everyone who does so operates with the title of ‘coffeeshop’ in their name…

Products/Edibles (420)

As we mentioned above, the edible menu is excellent because it gives those who don’t smoke the choice of Indica or sativa. They also add a full half gram per cake… which will last you all day if you are not a hardened participant. On top of these great edibles, some strains they have include:

  • Amazing, G13 Haze, Silver, Lemon and Amnesia Hazes – in the Sativa pile.
  • For Indica strains they have AK-47, Snow White and White Widow.
  • They then go on to hybrid strains, which include the likes of Blueberry and Rolex Kush, and Big Buddha Cheese.
  • Hashish including 24K Gold, Candy Kush, and Afghan.
  • Pre-rolled joints in Indica, sativa, hybrid, tobacco, pure, weed or hashish joints… which just about covers every base.
  • And they include some merch on the menu.
  • We also want to note the end of the menu… red bull, soda/coffee/tea, and Snacks… that’s their whole munch menu.

When you come to the Coffeeshop Roxy, you can be 100% sure that there will be more choice in weed strains than there will be in food and drink. It’s not necessarily a bad thing for the strains, but we like a cake with our smoke. It’s like… having toast with no butter. It’s just weird.

Anyway, we gave them the full five points for product/edibles. There is no denying that they do exceptionally well in this category.

Café Merchandise

One of the categories we tend to find coffeeshops crashing into hurdles at – is the merch section. We noted that Coffeeshop Roxy had the merch right up there on the menu, which is a shrewd business move. We can buy lighters, blunts, skins, grinders in plastic or metal, and even get a coffeeshop Roxy pipe. All of these are cool options, but we recommend they expand their branding to hoodies. caps, and t-shirts to get maximum benefit.

What we also noticed is the distinct lack of a website, which is why we haven’t linked directly to it. The addition of a website would allow for an online store, therefore added selling potential during the global pandemic months. Just a thought on how to increase revenue. We awarded 4 out of 5 for café merchandise. If they’d had a website, they would have got the full five.

Lilly Likes Verdict

So with all of this in mind, does Lilly Like it? Of course she does! She, like us, enjoys any kind of coffeeshop, weed or not. What we don’t like is the lack of choice in terms of munchies and drinks, where the Roxy really lets itself down. On the plus side, they have great merch, great taste in product and edibles, and a fantastic menu setup that other coffeeshops should look to for a good example.

Overall, Roxy scored themselves a delightful 17 out of 20. That’s not a score to be sniffed at. If they up their cake game, they could be coming for the big guns, soon.