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Coffee Shops of Amsterdam: Amnesia


All the Best coffee Shops of Amsterdam – Rated! Join the debate with Lilly Likes Amsterdam.

Lilly Likes have decided it is time. Time to take a look at the one thing everyone who comes to Amsterdam does… visit the Coffee Shop Scene.

That’s right. It is high time (he he) we started paying a little more attention to the myriad places in the city where you can get your stone on… with or without a good coffee in hand. If you love both coffee and weed, then Amsterdam is the most perfect place in Europe to double-indulge.

We thought we would start this fine foray into the many miraculous establishments that make Amsterdam life worth living – with Amnesia. This is one of the best known coffee shops in the world, and not least because of the Amnesia Haze strain. We’ll delve deeper into this treasure trove just directly. First, we want to talk about the things Lilly Likes.

She likes all sorts of Amsterdam activities. From gaming at the De Ton Ton Club to dining in style at the Dirty Chicken Club… you can do it all – and learn about it through our website. For those that have been to our fair city it will be a trip down memory lane. For those planning their next Amsterdam adventure? We have everything you need to make sure you don’t miss a minute of fun!

Now on to the coffee shops… of which Amnesia is one of the Internationally best known…

Atmosphere and Vibe

Amnesia frequently makes the headlines as one of the best coffee shops in the city… as voted by Dutch Review, Drifter Planet, Timeout, and about five hundred other sites. So straight away, before anything else happens, we already know that it is popular… but why?

They have an indoor and outdoor section for tobacco lovers – but sitting on the terrace in the sun, overlooking the still waters of the canal, is something not easily forgotten. It has a deep red walled interior that speaks of sumptuousness, a friendly, warming atmosphere, and a great location.

You will find it in an end building (of which Amsterdam has very few) and poised on the water. Watch boats pass only a few feet away from another great – the Grey Area. Both are semi-conveniently located not far from Dam square. It’s a bit of a walk from Centraal station so you may want to get the tram to the square first.

The cool interior is what attracts many people to Amnesia. It has the same feel as a New York night club in the 60’s. You can’t help but feel a gangster smoking a cigar is going to emerge from one of the red leather and dark wood booths. This is an enigmatic mix that works equally well for tourists as it does for the locals. The location also makes it stand out. It’s just far enough from the town centre to be a quiet coffee shop. It feels like you have found a hidden treasure when you reach it. In terms of appearance, it’s a real gem.

We give them a whopping 5 out of 5 for Atmosphere and Vibe. How could you not? The atmosphere in Amnesia is internationally famous already.

Munchies and Drinks

Amnesia is a boutique-style coffee shop. This means you have your choice of several Cannabis Cup winners from a fairly extensive menu. It also means it doesn’t contain three floors of sprawling themed areas. Instead, it has a film-noire feel and a close, welcoming vibe. Prices are slightly above average due to their reputation, although some (Smoker’s Guide, for example) report prices to be reasonable. 7 € for a space cake, however, is a little on the high side.

It is said that they have some of the finest (i.e. the strongest) in the city but don’t hold us to that. We definitely don’t want to start a hash cake war… although we would pay to see the TV show.

We gave Amnesia a 4 out of 5 for Munchies and Drinks. There’s choice but it feels like an afterthought.

Product/Edibles (420)

Inside Amnesia coffee shop you will find a choice of methods by which to take your weed. As we said, you can smoke inside if you don’t use tobacco, or outside if you do. They also have a variety of vaporisers that are free to use… and not the ‘E-pen’ variety… the old-fashioned Volcano type ones.

If you don’t like pure weed, tobacco joints, or vaporisers, then you can have a space cake. Not your thing? Then try it through one of the many glass bongs kept throughout the establishment. Everything is cleaned between uses, of course. It’s probably too soon to speculate about how coronavirus will affect this.

Amnesia features a whole bunch of Barney’s strains, some of which you can’t get anymore. They share some ownerships with this well-known brand. Reportedly, they still have some of the Acapulco Gold strain that won the Sativa Cup in 2010. People come from all over Europe to sample the strain range at Amnesia – and that’s a pretty great claim to fame.

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Some of the known strains they sell/have sold in the last few seasons, include:

  • Golden Maroc, Hassan Supreme, Nepal Temple, and Shandarella hashish.
  • Cannabis Cup winner in 2011 – Liberty
  • Real Amnesia Haze, from the real Amnesia coffee shop… pretty fly.
  • LSD – the 2008 Cannabis Cup winner…
  • Critical Kush (every Kush lover’s dream)
  • Old School Haze which is a pure sativa strain… nice!

But this list is by no means extensive.

We gave Amnesia yet another 5 out of 5 for Products/Edibles. Why? People come from all over Europe to try their old school strain range. We can’t argue with the numbers.

Café Merchandise

Asides from all of the above; this cosy coffee shop grants you a reprieve from the bustle of the city centre. It has ample choice in both cakes and weeds, coffee till you drop, and a wide variety of merch you can pick and choose to take home with you. They’ve had many years to perfect the picture at Amnesia. What they have devised is a coffee shop with the same feeling as a pub; yet much cleaner, much calmer, and with a welcoming vibe that makes you want to stay all day.

There are board games for you to play while you relax. If you have never played a board game, high, in the centre (ish) of Amsterdam – then you haven’t lived. We highly recommend playing one while you gaze out over the canal under the summer sun… bliss.

Given all of the above, plus the well-known range of goods you can pick up in Café Amnesia, we gave it a respectable 4 in terms of merchandise. More clear guidelines on the ownership and a greater online variety would push this up.

Lilly Likes Verdict

As we mentioned, don’t be surprised if a jazz-loving gangster in full trench coat circa 1959 pops out of a booth. Asides from ghosts of patrons past, you will find this place as laid back as it gets. Those that use vapes to get their THC intake will love it, and the tobacco smokers love it provided the weather is nice. The booths are a lovely idea and they sit a lot of people. If you are on your own, or if you are in a group, you can find a place to sit in Amnesia.

Since the change in smoking laws in the Netherlands came into play, and since Amnesia only has one large room as its space, there is no ‘smoking section’. Across the city, those that use tobacco in their joints need to make alternative arrangements – so Amnesia is popular with these customers since they have a few outdoor seats.

Overall, we think that Amnesia is a big hit, big time, and for big reasons. The board games are just the icing on the cake of a chic, suave, relaxed environment that entices you back, again and again. It’s got just enough about it that’s different, to make it stand out a little, and it’s simultaneously out-of-the-way enough that it’s never really fully crowded.

If you want an outdoor seat on a sunny day? You need to get there early. If you want to choose from an extensive menu in a friendly environment? This is a good starting point. We also recommend it to weed and Amsterdam newbies, since you can learn all about the weed while you are there.

We give it the Lilly Likes double thumbs up. We might even go ahead and give it a huge 18 out of 20 overall. We might just light another one instead, and dream of a canal-side terrace, somewhere off Dam Square…

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