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Burgerfabriek – 6 Burger Places, and 5 in Amsterdam!

Regular readers will be well aware of our fondness for a decent burger. We love everything from crazy bread burger buns, to the sprinkle of seeds on the side salad. There’s nothing we can’t stomach when it comes to mouth-watering meats and sumptuous sides… so when we came across one of the Burgerfabriek snack shacks on our last Amsterdam pilgrimage, we had to take a sneaky peek (and have a quick munch).

There is a grand total of 6 Burgerfabriek eateries in the Netherlands, and five of those are within the city we all know and love. You can eat at the Warmoesstraat 73hs location, where you can tap your own beer, at the Reguliersbreestraat 44, at Burgerfabriek Express – Nieuwendijk 142, Lange Niezel 20h or at Burgerfabriek Maastricht – Markt 70. If all of those seem like a bit of a mouthful, you can always just wander the streets. By the laws of elimination, you will eventually pass at least one of these five great burger bars.

That was a bit of a mouthful. so while we get a glass of water, we direct you to peruse the wonderful deals we have here at LillyLikesAmsterdam. We have loads of fun articles regarding the attractions you can catch in town. Stop in and see the Rembrandt House or stop in at the Boerejongens Coffee Shop for a *ahem* coffee. At the top of the list of fun things to do in Amsterdam is to eat – eat all you can – in this city of culinary delights… which brings us full circle and back to Burgerfabriek… but what can you eat there and how’s the service? Let’s find out…

Setting Burgerfabriek Apart

What is it that makes this place so unique among the myriad other fast food places in Amsterdam? It’s a mixture of things. From fast service using fresh ingredients every morning, to being able to tap your own beer. That’s one of our favourite points about their Warmoestraat location. They have a number of draught beers and you can draw on your own Heineken, [C1] [K2] so you can have first-hand experience of how difficult your average barkeep has things. It’s hard to pour the perfect pint… and Burgerfabriek gives you a renewed appreciation of what it takes to not end up with a glass full of foam. They do have a fact-filled promotional video if you need more convincing that they have a unique style all of their own.

That’s not all that makes them special, though. Their cosy locations are a mix between ultra-modern and homely. It reminds you of your local back home, but as if it has been refurbished to have all the mod-cons. Their locations are innovatively decorated with the bright lights you would expect of this city, with a wealth of colours to add to the vibrancy found within their perky glass doors . The mix between exposed brick contrasting against glass-brick walls, fashionable wood panelling, and health-and-safety-approved non-slip flooring, and invitations to pull a pint of your very own! There are bare lightbulbs with unlimited wine racks, fantastic window seating, and an open kitchen.

What’s sets the Burgerfabriek locations apart from the others across all of their bars? Firstly the open Kitchen is an awesome touch! Their fries are delivered fresh every day from a local farm in The Netherlands and they even make their own bread. The way they make and prepare burgers is special. They take a piece of meat, weight it, and prepare the patty. Every burger is unique.

But asides from 5 inner-city burger bars to chose from, what else has Burgerfabriek in Amsterdam got to offer? We think it sounds pretty spectacular already, mind you, and we haven’t even glanced over the menu yet…

What’s for Dinner at Burgerfabriek?

Moving on to cover their spectacular menu, then, and you soon see that this isn’t just a burger place… It takes your ordinary burger and spins it around until it is fine dining worthy. Keep in mind that each of their locations has a different menu. We have reviewed the Warmoesstraat 73hs location since this is the one where you can pull your own pint… an important factor, we feel, for every Brit visiting Amsterdam.

When we said they were more than just a burger bar, we weren’t kidding. First of all, their meat selection is up there with the best in Amsterdam. They supply a Wagyu beef, which is a speciality in its own right. It comes from Japan and is known for the way the fat is marbled through the meat. This leads to a tender beef that dissolves on the tongue. You might also choose the Blond d’Aquitaine meat, which is a breed known to be one of the best French beefs. They have veggie burgers, of course, to a Black Angus beef, which is bred in America and is a derivative of the Highland Aberdeen Angus, world renowned as a superior beef.

Once you have made this tongue-tingling choice, you can decide on a whole array of yummy toppings. Choose mushrooms, top your Wagyu with jalapenos, mozzarella or pulled beef – the list goes on and on.

What if you don’t like burgers? We hear you ask. First of all – are you some kind of monster? Second of all, have a hot dog instead and add any of those wonderful toppings to your heart’s content. Spoiled for choice? Choose one of the set burgers that are all themed on the country they came from. Have a Mexican burger or enjoy one styled from Japanese culture. They have set hot dog dishes, fish plates, breakfast themed and surf-and-turf burgers, complete with scampi over beef. Choose a special sandwich, a salad or indulge in a rich, lustrous cheesecake… then go pull yourself another pint to wash it all down with.

The Lilly Likes Verdict on Burgerfabriek

This is a cool place with hundreds of variations on your average burger. It’s a cosy, modern-kitchen-in-a-rich-home feeling place with a great vibe and even better food. Of course Lilly Likes it. We’ve yet to find a burger bar she doesn’t like, to be fair… but this one goes above and beyond the call of duty. We wouldn’t be surprised to find them with a Michelin star one day. Watch this space.