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Amaze Your Inner Child at WONDR

A play experience of sensory proportions

If you are often stuck wondering what to do in Amsterdam with your kids, a visit to WONDR is on the cards. You can always borrow a child just so you can go and visit this place – but do make sure you get permission from the owner of said child, otherwise it is an arrestable offence. That being said WONDR is just as much for us fun loving adults, infact its built for us fun loving adults.

Picture By Emma Beckett

Where were we? Ah yes! The totally immersive, highly sparkly, fantasy world created by the team over at WONDR. As you know, the team here at Lilly Likes are often found delving into different parts of Amsterdam, looking at the best attractions and what you can find there. We regularly review all the best things to see and do in town, such as visiting the all-you-can-eat pancake buffet on board a boat, or visiting the Foodhallen for more culturally focused fare.

The point is that wherever you want to go in Amsterdam, and whatever you hope to see there, we can provide. We probably already have, in fact, so hit up our home pages and see what you can find there before you go ahead and book up for the Dam next year. We have everything you need for the most active of itineraries in and around the city… Which brings us to the WONDR Experience.

But before we get there, one more pitstop. A big massive thank you and shout out to Emma Beckett and hubby Will, a fan of the page so devoted to our success that she sent in all the photos for this article. Thanks Emma, you are adding to the literary genius found in these here pages. We applaud you. If anyone else wants to send us photos or review requests, please feel free. We stoners Amsterdam fans need all the help we can get.

Picture By Emma Beckett

All About WONDR

OK, now that we have appropriately thanked and directed, let’s move on to the WONDR Experience. What is it, what does it do, and should you lick it? All of these questions can (and will) be answered in a few short moments.

WONDR is a totally immersive play experience. It is like some of the best toy creators in the world came together in one space and decided to make Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory come to life… except no, you really shouldn’t lick the walls. There is a room where you can write on them though, and to us that is almost as good. If your kid is getting to the age where you are worried about their screen time, this place is perfect. It has tunnels, it has dazzling lights, it has ball pits and adventures and all sorts of things you can throw at each other without doing damage.

In short, WONDR is the type of place you dreamt of when you were 10.

What Age Groups can Enjoy WONDR?

Actually, It’s sold as an adult playground but it’s also just as fun with the kids! WONDR is perfect for everyone. It is open 7 days a week and can be found in Amsterdam Noord, which they say is the cool district. If you are under the age of ten, you need to have an adult with you and you can only attend during kid’s hours, which are slightly more limited than normal hours. Kids time is until 12.30 on the weekends and from 12.30 to 4 on Wednesdays. During Kid’s Time, extra safety measures are taken to ensure the little ones don’t get hurt.

What are the Best Bits?

The focus on sensory play is definitely a big hit. Soft textures mingle with spongy ones, ball pits can be filled with fluffy marshmallows, ceilings are lined with changing lights and magic can be found in every corner.

The minds that collaborated to make this space possibly wanted to invoke inspiration and recapture the joyful fun of playing. Whether adult or child, there is magic to be found here, under the ever-changing lights. Walk through corridors spaced intermittently with bead curtains, beneath rainclouds and brushing past felt walls. Get lost in a ball pit filled with packaging pellets, squidgy balls or even teddy bears! Every time you come to this location, you leave with something different for your experience – and that is the best thing about the WONDR experience. You always enjoy it for a new reason.

If you can afford it, live in Amsterdam city, and want to entertain your kids and their mates at an upcoming birthday party, you can rent out the WONDR experience as a party venue. This is ideal for those that love it. In addition, they have an online shop where you can buy fun t-shirts and tote bags. The reviews are so gushing that we don’t even want to repeat them in case we get cavities, but it seems like even the adults have a great time engaging with the magic of WONDR… and we suppose the clue was right there in the name, all along.

WONDR and Lilly Likes

The only question that remains is whether or not Lilly approves of this experience. Families can get lost in here for hours, adults can be seen filled with pure, unfiltered excitement int every corner of the space! Does Lilly approve of all of this? Of course she does, and the rest of the team are pretty excited about it too.

Whether you have a child or whether you just want to experience a sensory play zone that makes you feel as if you are one yourself; the WONDR Experience has your back. Go along for a try and have a ball!