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The 8 Best Budget hotels in Amsterdam

(For when the city calls and your wallet cries)

We have all been there, some of us more than once. You are desperate for a getaway before stress drives you up the wall – but you can’t afford to splash out on an all-inclusive holiday to your dream destination.

Since everyone’s dream destination is Amsterdam; we sought out the best budget hotels and hostels that will put you up for less than a fortune.  Amsterdam is expensive at the best of times… and you really should be saving those coins for ‘other’ things.

Without further talk let’s get down to business. What are the best cheap hotels in Amsterdam? You came to the right place to find out!

The 8 Best Cheap-but-Cheerful Amsterdam Hostels & Hotels

8 – The Meininger

Coming in at an off-season price of under £30 per night, the Meininger offers 2 star anonymity with a kind-of corporate feel. Walking up to the place you think you are going to encounter nothing but businessmen… when you get inside there are private dorms with shared kitchens and a communal bar with a tendency to keep you up at night.

Look at these beautiful ladies being bravely prepared for rainy Amsterdam today… ☔️🌧 Stunning bride-to-be 💍Amelia 💍…

Posted by MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam City West on Saturday, November 9, 2019

If you intend to be out late anyway, or (let’s face it) too high to be worried about sleeping; then go for the Meininger. It’s cheap, it’s cheerful, and it hits the mark for the insomniac and the drinker alike. Ok so its a little out the centre, buts its right next to the train station so can easy be in centre quickly by train or tram

7 – The Train Lodge

Yes, yes, we know it is only a one star and the others are at least two stars – but who doesn’t want to stay in converted railway sleeper cars? It’s just darn cool… and it’s cheap. If you are in Amsterdam for the experiences then this is one experience that is cheap enough to try out, just for a single night, at least.

The Train Lodge actually has a reception desk, an on-site bar, and free Wi-Fi in the public parts. What they don’t have is individual bathrooms… but anyone used to enjoying Hostel life will be used to this already. Its again a little out the centre but easily able to get to the centre by Tram or Train! A 72 hour tram ticket is only 19 euro

6 – The Clink Hostel

Clink is so well known because they are international. They have hostels in London, in Amsterdam, in Dublin and in Lisbon. They pride themselves on choosing central locations that are situated right in the heart of the action; and their Amsterdam branch is no exception.

As well as being clean, bright, friendly places to stay; Clink is renowned for making traveller safety a priority. They offer solo traveller meet ups and games nights to try and encourage interaction. They also have some good common areas which they do encourage you to use. Among some of their other social activities are yoga classes and pub crawls… you can’t go wrong with Clink hostels. The affordable price is just an added bonus. Its located just over the water behind central station and the free ferry run 24 hours a day.

5 – The CityHub

CityHub describe themselves as a super modern hotel for digital natives. They are billed to be the first real, genuine, Gen Z- focused hotel in the whole city. Seriously… they have complimentary on-the-go Wi-Fi, built in speaker systems in the rooms, and 24/7 customer support through an app.

If you can get it last minute you will be able to take advantage of some of the CityHub cheap stay deals. They can keep their prices low by being out of the city centre… but that’s the beauty of Amsterdam! You can buy an unlimited travel ticket to take you all over the city for either one, two or three days. They don’t cost much and you will use them for everything! You can read about them here or pick them up out of Schiphol Station when you arrive.

Of course if you want to get involved in a little cultural appropriation hiring a bike is equally as inexpensive and will keep you fit.

4 – The Lloyd Hotel

The Lloyd Hotel is inside a historic building with some lovely old architecture. It has is very own restaurant, a range of rooms (some of which are very cheap) and is only five minutes from Central Station. It is river front set and boasts the title of being the first 1-5 start hotel in the world. That is to say; each star rating is accommodated for in different areas of the hotel… which is a pretty unique idea we are fairly sure you would only find in Amsterdam… The Lloyd Hotel is friendly, brings together all walks of life into one space, and is probably the best way to meet people from different class systems across the world. If you want a stay where there is every chance of brushing shoulders with the stars then this is the hotel you need. Good facilities and a central location are really just a bonus when you stay somewhere as bespoke as this

3 – The Arcade Hotel

This. Just this. The world’s very first video game hotel. This place was made for the average stoner. Go to Amsterdam, have a good smoke out session, go back to the hotel and game your soul out… what a fantastic idea.

As well as having super-comfortable rooms with ultra-modern fixtures and fittings: each suite is equipped with your choice in both retro and new games consoles. Every wall is lined with pop art or a flat screen TV. You can rent a studio apartment space or individual rooms… this place is just awesome. If you have a little more of a budget than your average seeker of cheap Amsterdam hotels then there is no reason not to try this and report back to us how it went. Specifically; we want to know if there are Sega Mega Drives in the rooms.

2 – The Teleport Hotel

This is a weird hostel/hotel hybrid that tries its darnedest to accommodate whatever you like. They run a monthly events schedule to make sure that everyone interacts with one another and that those solo travellers are taken care of. If you have always wanted to see Amsterdam but haven’t got someone to go with hen this place could be your treasure.

The Teleport Hotel asked artists from all over the world to come and paint their rooms. Every time you stay there you have a different experience. They also run bike tours with are brilliant for those that want a more native Amsterdam experience. Teleport is on trend, vibrant, and pulses with the life blood of the Dam… we just can’t get enough.

1 – The Hotel Not Hotel

The Hotel not Hotel is a little more expensive than those so far on our list of the best cheap hotels in Amsterdam – but it is on here for a reason. If you want to make your trip to Amsterdam a once-in-a-lifetime experience then this is where the cool-kids stay.

Every room in Hotel not Hotel has been designed to be an individual work of art. Every space has been thought about and built to showcase an exhibition-style feel. The very popular bar attached to Hotel not Hotel is called Kevin Bacon. It serves cocktails, Thai food, and good times. If you want to be in Amsterdam and experience the best then you better stay here… it’s just that special.

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